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General info

These pages were originally created by Juha Peltoniemi. Now the pages are maintained by Juho Sarkamo so if you have corrections or additions, please send mail to the new webmaster

Everyone interested in neutrinos is welcome to visit these pages, irrespective of nationality, academic status, age, sex, race, religion or operating system.

HTML features

These pages have been written to comply with HTML 4.0 specification. They use CSS1 style sheet, although this feature is not necessary for getting the essential information. The pages are also compatible with HTML 3.2, but HTML 2.0 is not supported.

Virtually no formulas or equations are shown, and many symbols are shown in brutal forms. This is because HTML not yet has any viable way to display mathemathics and scientific symbols. This will probably remain so for a very long time, since the W3C team apparently has no plan to fix this in the near future. Their proposal for MathML is rather an obstacle for any serious development. (Anyone seen a browser supporting MathML?)

The data pages contain some figures in gif form. They are not required to view the pages correctly, but the contain some additional information. Since loading them may take time, you may consider setting load figures off, if it takes untolerably long time.

The theoretical tools use two different techniques: the Masstoy is a Java Applet, written using Java 1.1 specifiaction and compiled with JDK 1.1.6 for OS/2. You need a Java enabled browser and enough power. More info in its documentation. The Automatic Model Builder, instead, is a Java servlet, so all you need is a web browser that understands forms.

Using the neutrino data page

The neutrino data page is not designed for learning the basics, you are supposed to know something about neutrinos before coming here. The data are given without explanation, in official or conventional units. The results of different experiment are not always compatible with each others. You are adviced to learn the details and the interpratation in the original works.

You may refer to the neutrino data page by its URL http://cupp.oulu.fi/neutrino/, but remember to refer to the original works in scientific publications.



This service is permanently under construction.

More dynamical documents and java applets are being developed.

The reference engine

The reference engine is now up and running. When you click the value on the data shell you may get the reference, and, perhaps also the link the paper appearing somewhere in the web. Not all values are yet given the correct reference, but the work is going on. If the reference is not given, it is understood that the result is taken from one of the most recent publications of the respective group, or some recent appearing in conferences.

Tehcnically, the reference engine is a java servlet that takes an internal search key as an argument and returns a web page with the given reference included. The references are stored in a database, in the usual bibtex form, (so that I can use the same database for many purposes). Actually, you can call the reference engine independently, just open the URL http://cupp.oulu.fi/servlet/refengine?key , where key is the search key. Typically its format consists of the author name, year and a letter, for example Peltoniemi96a. However, in many cases the keys are quite random, so you have to guess to get the right one.

Join the Team?

If you are interesting in participating in developing the Ultimate Neutrino Pages contact webmaster or contact Juha Peltoniemi. Good knowledge on internet, html, Java and neutrino physics is useful. Particularly, we need collaborators for writing applets that visualize different aspects of neutrino physics. So far no money is being offered, but good prospects for the future instead.

Legal stuff

Most of the material here is copyright by us or somebody else. Nevertheless, you are granted the right to download, view, and copy to your hard disk all the files except those that are copyright of somebody else. For such files you have to ask the permission from the copyright owner, whoever it is.

Quoting this material in other media is allowed, in the usual sense of fair use, when the source is given, and it is not done out of context. Printing and photocopying the pages is allowed for academic and educational purposes. Distributing the pages in printed or electronic form is allowed only when no charge is taken, except media cost. Especially, you may use the machine generated numerical and graphical results in your scientific works, with the above conditions.

Downloading, disassembling and modifying the codes for the applets is allowed for personal use. Distributing the modified code is not allowed without the permission from the author.

Adding a link to these pages is allowed and encouraged. You are encouraged, but not obliged to inform the webmaster of that.

We take no liability on the accuracy of the data presented in these pages.

These pages express the views and opinions of their authors only. Neither the University of Oulu nor any other authority takes any responsibility of the contents.

Some questions to and answers from Peltoniemi

Why did you start this?
For years I was keeping paper notes about the most important results of neutrino physics. It was just a help for myself, since I am not very good in remembering numbers. However, it was not always so easy to update notes written with a pen on a paper, so I decided to do it on a computer. As that time WWW was developing rapidly, and I got soon enthusiastic about it, I decided to write the notes as HTML documents, and put it available in the web, in case somebody else would find it useful. Quite soon it turned out that ohter colleagues indeed found it useful, and they encouraged me to expand it and add more results. You see now the results.
My results are not included in your page. What should I do?
Send webmaster a note informing about your results. Consider also sending me a hardcopy of your report.
I have made a new fit to the recent data, how can I distribute quickly the results?
Put it on the web, and let me know the link, or send the results to me, and I will add them here, with a proper reference to you.
How can I send data to you?
The best way is to have it available in your www or ftp server, and send me a note giving instructions how to retrieve it. The next best way is to send it to me by mail, in uuencoded form or attachment. I can convert virtually all graphic formats.
I have built up a neutrino related homepage, could it be possible to have a link to it?
Sure, just send webmaster a note that contains your URL.
I do not like you to use my data/figure/plot in your page, can you remove it?
If you insist, We can drop it. Just send webmaster a note .
May I set up a local mirror of your page?
Yes you can, if the long distance traffic is intolerably slow. Remember, however, that this page is changing continuously, so do not store old data. I would also like to know the access data.
I am going to organize a workshop. How can I have the new results to appear in your pages as quickly as possible?
Invite me to your workshop.
I would like to have a commercial advertisement in your page, how much should I pay?
Forget it, you do not have that much money.


In developing these pages we have got plenty of useful advice, suggestions and encouragement from numerous friends and collegues all over the world. They are too many to be listed here, and we are afraid to leave somebody out, so we want to thank all of them collectively.
22 May 1999 by Juha Peltoniemi

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