The Neutrino Mass Toy


The Masstoy applet can be used as an educational toy. The scientific data, which the program uses, is from late 1990's and therefore the results may not correspond to the current scientific knowledge of neutrinos.

The Masstoy applet is now in test use. The code is still at alpha level, so it does not always works as it should, but at least it will not break your system.

This applet allows you to make theoretical experiments with neutrino mass matrices. Especially, you can explore the consequences of non-trivial many-flavour mixing scenarios. Presently it serves as an educational toy - the results do not meet the requirements of scientific rigor.
Beware: loading may take time. (All classes take about 200 k.)

No Java?

This page is designed to be viewed by a Java enabled web-browser. Your browser does not support Java, or is not configured to use it. Without Java you do nothing here, sorry. Check the configuration/options of you browser to find out if you can set on Java.

Quick instructions:
  • Choose Input mass matrix from the menu.
  • Insert the mass matrix, component by component. Only real numbers allowed. You may also try a demo mass matrix.
  • Select Symmetrize from the menu.
  • Choose Dirac or Majorana masses.
  • Click the checkbox to include right-handed neutrinos.
  • Select Diagonalize from the menu.
  • Study the results, read the properties under appropriate menus.
  • To study the consequences for observable phenomena in different part of the universe, select the appropriate item under Consequences..

The current version is 0.43 - you may have to restart the browser to reload the most recent version of the applet. Note that some browsers (e.g. Netscape 4) running under Unix (Linux) do not reload an applet without rebooting the computer.

The code has been migated to Java 1.1.6. The last version at Java 1.02 level, Masstoy 0.41 is available as a zip file.

Documentation and instructions


I would appreciate receiving feedback how this applet performs in different platforms. If the applet does not start, or results on an error not listed in the bug list, please send me mail. You may also send me a message if it runs OK.

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